Richie's Bio:

One in a long line of would be super guitarists Kotzen, along with many others, had his cause championed by Shrapnel Records mentor and guitar guru Mike Varney. Shrapnel released Richie's debut solo effort when the guitarist was a mere 18 years old. Kotzen, whose style veered more towards the experimentation of JOE SATRIANI, had previously been a member of ARTHUR'S MUSEUM whilst he was still in high school.

The debut record, a totally instrumental affair, has Kotzen complemented by JOURNEY drummer Steve Smith and bassist STUART HAMM. For 1990's 'Fever Dream' bassist Danny Thompson and drummer Atma Anur were utilized Varney himself also puts in an appearance trading licks with Kotzen. The 'Electric Joy' album was recorded entirely at Kotzen's home.

Putting aside his pursuit of excellence Kotzen was to replace C.C. Deville in POISON during 1991 having been made aware of the vacancy by his A&R man at Interscope, Tom Whalley, who had signed POISON when he was at Capitol. Kotzen's tenure with the Glam Rockers was brief if controversial. The guitarist recorded the 'Native Tongue' album, co-writing the two hit singles 'Stand' and 'Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice)', and participated in the band's ensuing tour before departing in less than savoury circumstances.

Kotzen's first post POISON album, 'Wave Of Emotion', was released in Japan by Polystar in 1996 and was a tad similar in style to 'Electric Joy', if a little funkier. Kotzen followed the album with further product in both 1997 and 1998 with 'Something To Say' and 'What Is' respectively. 1997 also saw a project album with fellow guitarist GREG HOWE for the KOTZEN HOWE PROJECT.

The guitarist formed part of the Fusion all star venture VERTU in 1999 led by the esteemed STANLEY CLARKE. This unit toured Europe extensively. That same year Kotzen joined MR. BIG for their 'Get Over It' album, a huge hit in Japan, the same year Kotzen issued his latest solo effort 'Break It Down'. The guitarist also guested on GREGG BISSONETTE's 2000 album 'Submarine' and made live appearances with actor Keanu Reeves band DOGSTAR.

Kotzen's August 2004 album 'Get Up' saw guest studio contributions from STEVIE SALAS and drummer Brian Tichy. The guitarist also donated his skills to tracks on Japanese guitarist TAKAYOSHI OMURA's debut album 'Nowhere To Go'. June of 2005 found Kotzen touring South America, taking in shows across Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.


Solo Projects:
Richie Kotzen (1989)
Electric Joy (1991)
Fever Dream (1991)
Bi-Polar Blues (1999)
Inner Galactic Fusion Experience (1995)
Break It All Down (2000)
Wave of Emotion (2000)
What Is (2000)
Change (2003

Richie Kotzen & Greg Howe:
Tilt (1995)
Project (1997)

Native Tongue (1993) - Poison
Poison's Greatest Hits: 1986-1996 (1996)

Appears on:
For You (2005) - Nina Shaw
Greatest Hits (2004) - Mr. Big
Asshole (2004) - Gene Simmons
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) - Original Soundtrack
Rats (1994) - Sass Jordan
Ac/Dc We Salute You / Various (Bonus Dvd) (2004) - Various Artists
Actual Size [Bonus Track] (2001) - Mr. Big
L.A. Blues Authority (1992) - L.A. Blues Authority
Guitars That Rule the World (1992) - Various Artists
Blues: L.A. Blues Authority, Vol. 2 (1993) - Glenn Hughes
Deep Cuts: The Very Best of Mister Big (2000) - Mr. Big
Bat Head Soup: A Tribute to Ozzy (2000) - Various Artists
Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute (2001) - Various Artists
Black Night: Deep Purple Tribute (1997) - Various Artists
Light at the End of the Tunnel (2001) - War & Peace
When I Look Down That Road (2004) - Melissa Manchester
Brief Glimpse Of Pursuit: Tribute To Floyd / Var (2003) - Various Artists
Rock The Bones, Vol. 2 (2005) - Various Artists
Not So Innocent (1998) - Jesse's Power Trip
Guitar on the Edge, Vol. 1 (1992) - Various Artists
Songs from the Better Blues Bureau (1994) - Various Artists
Smoke on the Water: A Tribute (1995) - Various Artists
Submarine (2000) - Gregg Bissonette
Songs of Pink Floyd (2002) - Various Artists
Pigs and Pyramids: An Allstar Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd (2002) - Various Artists
Over The Edge (2004) - Over the Edge
Over The Edge (2004) - Mickey Thomas
Crossfire: Salute to Stevie Ray (1996) - Various Artists
Volume 1: Mr. Big (2004) - Various Artists
L.A. Blues Authority: Cream of the Crop (1994) - Various Artists
Ultimate Guitar Survival Guide - Various Artists
Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute [Triage] (2001) - Various Artists
Wake The Nations (2004) - Ken Tamplin
Tribute To Pink Floyd / Various (2005) - Various Artists
Hellsing / O.S.T. (2002) - Original Soundtrack Recording
Todd Rundgren & His Friends (2002) - Todd Rundgren
Vertú (1999) - Vertú

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