Bruce's Bio:

Bruce Howard Kulick was born on December 12th, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in Queens, after moving there in 1964, with his brother Bob, it was Bob who first made moves into an interest in music. It would be Bob's lead that would long provide a push for Bruce throughout his life. Bruce remembered, "My brother got a guitar, and the next thing I knew I kind of was attracted to it as well.

The acoustic guitar in the house became the first thing I started to play cords on. Eventually I started to take some lessons, and I learned from my brother of course. I picked it up quite easy, and I was happy not playing sports, but holding my guitar. It took a little time before I started to play in bands.

I started to play with some people at my high school, and we would do cover songs. I actually played bass then because my brother played the guitar. My first electric instrument were a Gibson bass guitar. I was really into Cream, and I thought my brother could be Eric Clapton, and I could be Jack Bruce. I have tapes of us jamming, and it's kind of funny listening to it now. It was recorded straight into a tape recorder, so you can say it have an interesting sound. I have to say that by playing bass my hands got stronger so it would be more easy to play the guitar later on.

I was always practicing on the guitar, and I found out that I was surpassing the guitar player in my band. At that point I realized that maybe I should play guitar. So that's what I did, and from then on I was a lead guitarist". Bob would also take Bruce to concerts, and it was at these that Bruce would see some of the greatest artists of the 1960's, including The Rascals, Jeff Beck, and Cream. Of his own musical development.

One of his early bands was called John Bodkin (DS) and later metamorphosed into the Jackson Heights Band. Bruce's tastes were similar to his brothers and he was very much into the British rock scene of the sixties. He recalled, "I really liked Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and certainly Jimmy Page. That's really why I fitted into Kiss, because those guys were important for Ace Frehley as well. Also me and Paul Stanley found out that we had been to a lot of the same shows in New York City in the early years. We saw Led Zeppelin at the same show, and we saw Yardbirds at the same show. It was really interesting to find out that we were into the same stuff. I think it did really show that we had similar influences, and I also think that's important in a band" Some of Bruce's early cover bands did well enough to play the Circle Line, a cruise ship that went around Manhattan Island. By 1972, when his brother Bob was trying out for KISS, Bruce was at Queen's College...


Asylum (1985)
Crazy Nights (1987)
Smashes, thrashes, and hits (1988)
Hot in the Shade (1989)
Revenge (1992)
Alive III (1993)
Unplugged (1996)
You wanted the best, you got the best (1996)

Carnival of souls (1997)
Greatest Kiss (1997)
Psycho Circus (1998)

Appears On:
Meat Loaf :Live (US, 1978)
Michael Wendroff: Kiss the world goodbye (USA, 1978)
Blackjack: : Love me Tonight (1979)
Michael Wendroff: Kiss the world goodbye (USA, 1978)
Blackjack: For You (1979)
Blackjack: My World is empty without you (1980)
Rozetta: Pick me up (1980)
Billy squire: you should be high love (1980)
Michael Bolton: Fools game (1983)
Michael Bolton: I almost believed you (1983)
Stevie Sailor: On Oublie Tout (1984)
Michael Bolton: Everyebody's Crazy (1985)

Lost and Spaced (US, 10/98)
E SP (** Reissue of "Lost & Spaced") (US, 7/21/99)

Old man Wise (1997)
Union (1998)
Old man Wise 12" (1998)
October Morning Wind (1998)
Live in the Galaxy (1999)
The Blue Room (1999)

Various Artists:
We will Rock you , a tribute to Queen (USA, 10/2000)
A Tribute to Van Halen (USA, 2000)
A Tribute to Ozzy (USA 7/25/00)
The World's Gratest Heavy Metal Anthems (USA, 8/22/2000)

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