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Although Steve Morse enjoyed a healthy following among guitar players, his name was never a household commodity, and he remained a cult figure who earned his greatest success in the readers' polls held annually by musicians' magazines.

Although initially inspired by the Beatles, as a teen, Morse began to expand his listening to include the Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Although he played a little piano and some clarinet, he became fascinated with guitar after seeing a concert by classical guitarist Juan Mercadal, who later gave a teenage Morse some lessons. Deeply influenced by a campus performance by John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Quartet while attending the University of Miami,

Morse decided to focus on instrumental rock music; in 1974 that he put together his first band, the Dixie Dregs (later simply the Dregs), which would go on to become one of the defining groups in the fusion rock genre. After some 14 albums fronting the Dregs, the Steve Morse Band began their recording career in 1984 with an album called Two Faces.

Soon after, Elektra Records snatched Morse up and he cut two albums for the company, The Introduction in 1984 and Stand Up in 1985, before switching to MCA. Morse releases for the label included High Tension Wires (1989), Southern Steel (1991), and Coast to Coast (1992). After leaving MCA in 1992, Morse recorded two excellent albums for Windham Hill/BMG Records, Structural Damage (1995) and StressFest (1996), and also joined Deep Purple for a U.S. and European tour in 1996.~ Richard Skelly, All Music Guide


Dixie Dregs -- The Great Spectacular (1975) Formally released in 1997.
Liza Minnelli - Tropical Nights (1977)
Dixie Dregs - Free Fall (May 27, 1977)
Hotels, Motels And Road Shows (1978)
Dixie Dregs - What If (March, 1978)
Rob Cassels - Evening Pastoral (1979)
Dixie Dregs - Night Of The Living Dregs (1979)
Steve Walsh - Schemer-Dreamer (1980) Morse backs Walsh's first solo effort after departing Kansas.
Dixie Dregs - Dregs Of The Earth (1980)
The Dregs - Unsung Heroes (1981)
Patrick Walsh - I Wonder How Does Tarzan Shave / Cool In The Movies (1981) 7" Single
The Dregs - Industry Standard (1982)
The Rob Cassels Band - Kamikaze Christian (1983)
Steve Morse Band - An Introduction (1984)
Steve Morse Band - Stand Up (1985)
T Lavitz - Storytime (1986)
Kansas - Power (1986) Steve Walsh's return to Kansas after a 6 year absence. Morse co-writing credits on many tracks.
Mark O'Connor - Stone From Which The Arch Was Made (1987)
Triumph - Surveillance (1987)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Southern By The Grace Of God: Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Tour-1987 (March 21, 1988)
The Rossington Band - Love Your Man (1988) Morse plays with former Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarists Gary Rossington and Dale Krantz.
Kansas - In the Spirit of Things (1988)
Steve Morse Band - High Tension Wires (1989)
The Dregs - Divided We Stand (August 29, 1989)
Guitar's Practicing Musicians (1989) Compilation including Steve Morse performing Southern Steel.
Marcel Dadi - Nashville Rendez-Vous (1990)
Steve Morse Band - Southern Steel (February 5, 1991)
Marcel Dadi - Fingers Crossing (1991)
Guitar's Practicing Musicians Vol. 2 (July 5, 1991)
Guitar Speak III (December 10, 1991) Various artists. Morse's Morning Rush Hour
Rock Guitar Greats (February 26, 1992) Compilation of various artists. Steve Morse Band's Arena Rock
Guitar On The Edge Vol. 2 (1992) Compilation of various artists. Dixie Dregs' Bloodsucking Leaches
Marcel Dadi - Country Guitar Flavors (1992)
Jeff Watson - Lone Ranger (March 10, 1992) Morse guests on 2 tracks.
Steve Morse Band - Coast To Coast (June 9, 1992)
The Dregs - Bring 'Em Back Alive (July 14, 1992)
CPR - Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly (1993)
Michael Manring - Thonk (February 1, 1994) Morse backs bassist Michael Manring's first solo effort.
The Dregs - Full Circle (June 7, 1994)
Steve Morse Band - Structural Damage (March 14, 1995)
Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus (1995)
Tales From Yesterday - A View From The South Side Of The Sky(August 24, 1995) Morse covers Mood for a Day and The Clap on this Yes tribute effort featuring various artists.
Steve Morse Band - StressFest (April 16, 1996)
Deep Purple - Purpendicular (April 16, 1996)
Crossfire - A Tribute To Stevie Ray (July 23, 1996) Various artists perform Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes. Morse covers the instrumental Travis Walk.
Working Man (August 6, 1996) Various artists tribute Rush.
Animal Magnetism (1996)
Kevin Crider - Signatures (1996?)
The Carols Of Christmas (1996)
Deep Purple - Deep Purple Live at the Olympia '96 (June 9, 1997)
aLIVE Down South (July 29, 1997) A compilation of southern rock bands. Dixie Dregs' Take It Off the Top and Macon Bacon
The Carols Of Christmas II: A Windham Hill Collection (August 12, 1997) Morse performs It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.
The Dregs - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents (September 16, 1997) Recording of a Dregs performance in 1979.
Merry Axemas - A Guitar Christmas (1997)
Torden & Lyn - Storm (1997)
Fingerstyle Guitar Number 25 (1997) Magazine with CD
Jazz Fusion Vol. 2 (June 10, 1997) A compilation CD. Morse on Introduction (Steve Morse Band) and Take It Off the Top (Dixie Dregs).
Guitar Battle (March 17, 1998) Morse plays with Michael Lee Firkins on a Weather Report song.
Deep Purple - Abandon (June 2, 1998)
Kansas - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Kansas (October 20, 1998) Recorded on February 14, 1989 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia, Pa. Morse plays violin on Dust in the Wind in addition to guitar credits.
Guitar Techniques (April, 1999) CD that came with magazine
Rock Guitarists Forever Best (1999) Compilation
Deep Purple - Total Abandon (Live in Australia, 1999) (October 4, 1999) live in concert on April 20th, 1999 at Melbourne Park in Australia.
The Dregs - California Screamin' (February 1, 2000)
Deep Purple - Live in Concert with LSO (February 8, 2000) Recorded live at two sold out shows at the Royal Albert Hall on September 25 and 26, 1999, which were benefits for the Nordoff-Robbins Trust. Two disc set contains almost the entire concert which featured the 80 piece London Symphony Orchestra and special guests Ronnie James Dio, Sam Brown and Eddie Hardin.
Deep Purple - Total Abandon Australia 99 (May 26, 2000) DVD of Deep Purples live show on April 20, 1999 at Melbourne Park in Australia
Steve Morse - Major Impacts (July 11, 2000) Original compositions by Morse, each emulating a different guitarist whose style influenced his own.
Deep Purple - In Concert With the London Symphony Orchestra (1999) (August 15, 2000) DVD of Deep Purple's live show at the Royal Albert Hall September, 1999.
Deep Purple - Bombay Calling (October 3, 2000) DVD filmed in Andheri Sports Complex, Bombay, India on April 8, 1995.
Seventh Key - Seventh Key (May 15, 2001) Billy Greer's (Kansas, Streets) first solo attempt.
Manuel Barrueco - Nylon & Steel (May 27, 2001) Morse duets with classical virtuoso Barrueco on 3 Morse and 1 Victor Valls composition.
Warmth In The Wilderness - A Tribute To Jason Becker (October 2, 2001) Prodigy Jason Beckers fight with ALS (aka Lou Gehrigs Disease) robbed him of his ability to play guitar at 20 years of age. This 2 CD set is an assemblage of guitarists whose donated work benefits Becker's family.
Jordan Rudess - Feeding The Wheel (October 23, 2001)
Deep Purple - The Soundboard Series (October 26, 2001) 12 CD set
Deep Purple - Live at the Rotterdam Ahoy 30/10/00 (November 7, 2001)
Deep Purple - New, Live and Rare: The Video Collection 1984-2000 (2001) DVD
Steve Morse Band - Split Decision (March 26, 2002)
The Dixie Dregs - 20th Century Masters: The Best Of The Dixie Dregs (March 26, 2002)
Deep Purple - Perihelion (August 13, 2002) Recorded at Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, June 5, 2001
Steve Morse - Sects, Dregs & Rock n Roll (December, 2002) DVD
Liona Boyd - Camino Latino/Latin Journey (2002)
Deep Purple - Bananas (october 7, 2003)
Steve Morse - Major Impacts 2 (February 24, 2004)
Living Loud - Living Loud (June 7, 2004)
Jordan Rudess - Rhythm Of Time (August 31, 2004) Morse joins other special guests on this virtuouso keyboardist's solo album.
Kansas - Sail On The 30th Anniversary Collection (2004)
Deep Purple - Live Encounters (October, 2004) DVD recorded at Spodek, Katowice, Poland on June 3, 1996

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