Jeff's Bio:

Jeff Waters began teaching classical guitar at age 13. By 18 he was writing the formative tracks that would become Annihilator.

Annihilator was started in 1984 by Jeff Waters with singer John Bates. They wrote and recorded a song on which Jeff played all of the instruments including drums. That song was called Annihilator (never released on album) and it grabbed the attention of everyone that heard it.

Waters recruited drummer Paul Malek while Bates found bassist Dave Scott and in the next 2 years many of the tracks from the first two albums were created. The first cassette (Psycho Metal Kills) was put out containing slightly different versions of Crystal Ann, W.T.Y.D., Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade, I Am in Command, Lust for Death (Human Insecticide) and Back to the Crypt (very different than the one ending up on Bag of Tricks).

After the break-up of this line-up Waters put out the infamous 1986 demo 'Alison Hell' with him on vocal and all instruments (excluding Paul Malek on drums). This cassette became a huge underground hit in Europe (it actually sold more copies than the infamous Metallica demo) and the record companies started paying very serious attention.


1989 - Alice In Hell
1990 - Never Neverland
1993 - Set The World On Fire
1994 - King Of The Kill
1996 - In Command [Live]
1996 - Refresh The Demon
1997 - Remains
1999 - Criteria For A Black Widow
2001 - Carnival Diablos
2002 - Waking The Fury
2003 - Annihilation [Live]
2004 - All For You
2004 - The One [EP]

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