Welkom to the "Video's " page. Below you'll find some video's of me playing some short stuff for laughs,..more serious stuff will follow as I'm setting up my own home recording-studio and have to experiment with it. I will keep you posted. Enjoy!


22-05-04 The Feeling: A piece by Joe satriani which is actually written to perform on the banjo. Since I don't have a banjo, I had to do this one on the acoustic guitar. If you would like to make a deposit for the banjo, i'd like te hear it !!! :) Video The Feeling (5.25 Kb)
20-05-04 My own version and weird combination of : The National Anthem;an authetic dutch song and the dutch anthem. Video: National Anthem (2.407Kb)
25-04-04 First recording from my house,.....Van Halen cover of Eruption Eerste Bootleg (3,470Kb)

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